How to Organize the Perfect Closet 101

You have found the most outstanding apartment. Natural light is bellowing in through the windows, the kitchen are roomy, and you can't wait to take a bubble bath in the garden tub. As you start unpacking your stuff into the closet, it becomes obvious you may have too many clothes. And shoes. Maybe your friend won the better closet, your spouse actually has more clothes to choose from, or the space is more restricted than you recalled. Here are a few ideas to make the most out of your situation.

Hangers Trump Folded Piles!

Hangers are generally seen as a necessary evil. Acquiring hangers is something on your to-do list and not considered exciting. However, the types of hangers you use in your closet can increase or remove space. Using velvet hangers will increse so much availability in your closet and they are not super expensive. Also, keep your hangers the same color. It's all too easy to become distracted by unorganized hangers.
how to organize your closet

Have a Purpose to Organizing!

After you've switched hangers, organize your pieces by color and sleeve length. Tell me if this sounds familiar - digging through tops to find your go-to sleeveless blue button up. Grouping your closet from short to long is easy, but enjoy the process! Remember it’s you who has to live with it every time.

Don't Think you can't Fold SOME Clothes!

Not every piece needs to be on a hanger. Your shirts, sweaters and jeans can all be folded into drawers or shelves. Folding items will keep the closet bulk down. The contrast between hanging and folded garments will ensure you see everything more easily.

If there is Space, Use it!

Take advantage of extra storage for the bottom half of the closet. Organize the clothes you folded or accessories in the cubbies and keep shoes underneath. If there is still capacity, the top [of|part of|area of]184] the organizer you should definitely use. There is no dead space in a closet - only untried possibilities.

Last Call...

If there is space in a bedroom, a rolling rack is the quintessential plus-one to any walk-in closet. Create a plan for your outfits either daily or weekly, use your most coveted pieces as decor, or you can still use the rack as additional storage space.
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